Does anyone know where I can get a small orginal print bag?

  1. I've changed my mind about the original print and have decided that I like it, but only where the rainbow cactus boy, the latte and yellow cactus boy are. Everything on eBay seems over price or it's much bigger than what I want, or he's not centered. -I don't want anything with too many tulips. Can someone let me know if they find one or know where to get one? Thanks a lot!!!! :heart:
  2. I'm also looking for a toki spring dress. Does anyone know where I can find a deal?
  3. for the original print bag, i think eBay is the only place where it's available.
  4. That's what I was afraid about. I missed out on the last ones in HI. but most of those bags have too many tulips for me or not good enough placement for me to pay that much for it.


    it's all this forum's fault I like it overexposure. This happened to camo black too!
  5. I think Waikele outlet still has original print. On Saturday they still had Bella and the rest were bigger bags. I had my friend go there and check it out for me.:search:
  6. Yes, Waikele still has and it's 30% off...but remember Hawaii prices are higher than mainland prices. The bella was $110 with taxes and 30 % off & the Bella Bella (which that had last week Friday) was $127 with taxes & 30% off.
  7. good luck finding one on ebay. I have not seen any small bags in origina print even on ebay for the last couple weeks now... there were some last year but recently it's all been big bags!
  8. I only want it for that particular placement though... what do you think is it worth it for the colorful cactus boy? i wonder why simone stopped drawing him. He's the only one I really like on that bag, but I feel like I should save for Amore more, since I like the entire print. What do you guys think?

    Has anyone seen a dress irl?
  9. When I was there, the lady pulled out at least 10 different bellas. Are you talking about the little orange/yellow cactus boy?
  10. I have both of the dresses and they are cute. They run true to size.
  11. [​IMG][​IMG]

    That red green cactus boy!!! I like the yellow/orange one too but not as much. I like the trio of those 2 cactus kids and the latte.
  12. are they translucent- can colored underwear be seen through them? and do they hit above or below the knee?

    I'm sooo jealous of your collection, you have everything!
  13. I saw a shirt with the red green cactus boy :love:... I call him the one with three things sticking out lol I want that shirt :sad: when are the new shirts going to appear on tokidoki!
  14. Oh, you like the one with the emo He's on my bag I just got last week at the Lesportsac Outlet.
    DSC00578.jpg DSC00579.jpg
  15. man I seriously need to go on vacation to Hawaii! You guys have a lesportsac outlet, your Louis Vuitton is cheaper than here in the states and also they had that cute little sophie bag (the one in mrsjimmyh's avatar) I wanted that was only made for HI and Japan!

    oh and also cuz it's freakin BEAUTIFUL out there!!