Does anyone know where I can get a Morning After mini in royal blue?

  1. I missed out on it at the sample sale (i am kicking myself) and now I can't find it on any websites. Does anyone know anywhere that has one or a store that would be willing to special-order it for me? thanks!
  2. I actually did see that bag at the sample sale and I'm not loving the patent...but do you think luna boston could order it for me? Never hurts to ask I guess...
  3. A few people have mentioned that Label360 can order a bag for you - and I guess there's a 30% d/c code. Check the RM Sample Sale thread to see if you can find it there (I think that's where I saw it) - it certainly couldn't hurt
  4. i saw the blue patent bag IRL at LB. i really really did not like it. it was a disappointment because the leather was really thin which combined with the patent finish, seemed cheap. also the leather wasn't a super smooth/glossy patent at all. there were lots of tiny wrinkles (because the leather is so thin) and it seemed just wrong. :shrugs: