Does anyone know where I can get a Mini Devote with a coupon code?

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  1. I know lunaboston has one in wine, but I don't knw if they have any current coupon codes. Also, any other sites with coupon codes would be helpful, too (cause I also want a rocker).
  2. Funkylala has a coupon for new customers 30% new30, and it looks like it might work for returning customers too, if you haven't used it already. And some of the bags are on sale as well.
  3. Someone mentioned that AsterAlice has a mini devote in pepper on sale for AA members! I have no idea how you become a member and get those discounts (and whether you need to have purchased before before you're truly a "member"), but it's $415 which to me is a great deal!
  4. I think you have to buy something to be a member, or maybe just register with their site.
  5. ^^ Funkylala's 30% off code doesn't work on sale items, though, as it's only meant for regular-priced items, just to be clear.

    As for AA, I have a feeling you need to have purchased something (and possibly be a member of their Alice Club thing too) in order to get the sale prices, at least for now (since the site seems to indicate it's a preview of sorts).
  6. Which color are you looking for circoit? There have been some fabulous deals popping up on ebay/bonanzle.
  7. Ooh! I haven't checked out bonanzle lately, thank you! It looks like there are quite a few. What do you guys think of lavender in real life? It looks like it has a lot of grey, which I kind of like. I wouldn't like it if it was a true lilac, though. I also love the teal and wine.

    Ideally, I did want to see if I could get a deal from somewhere I could have the option of returning the bag if I didn't like it, but I will take what I can get.
  8. Good luck hunting that Mini D down.
  9. Circoit, the lavender is a very brown/grey/mauve color. Its one of my favorites! You'll really like it in the mini devote. Wine is ofcourse my first preference, then teal, then lavender!
  10. Luna Boston's code from grechen closet actually works (it saids coupon accepted). If not, Aster Alice gave me a first time customer code when I email them.
  11. MOB has a 20% off code today....onetime. There is a rocker and devotes on there.
  12. ^^^ I thought it exclued RM. If this is special - that's good!!
  13. It's for EVERYTHING. Today only.

    20% off ALL products, One time only!!! Use code ONETIME

    Coupon is limited to 1 time purchase only. May include more than one item.

    Discount is valid on ALL products.
  14. ^^ Thanks for the info!!
  15. asteralice has a first time customer code: welcome
    There is a wine mini devote.