Does anyone know where I can find ...

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  1. The Dior Peacock Bag? It's the saddle shape, and here's a link where they are selling a fake one, but they picture the real one on top I tried eBay but they only have the fakes ... I'd love to have it before my birthday, which is probably a stretch since it's next week, :lol: but I love the bag!

    Thanks girls, happy bag shopping! :biggrin:
  2. i hope this isn't really stupid but how about contacting Dior boutiques (list on Dior's web page) in your country (U.S. I'm guessing)--also some Saks and Neimans are authorized outlets---and have it shipped?
  3. oo I remember that one! Try calling the Dior boutiques, not sure how long ago that one was but some still have OLD stuff in their backstock. Also, try calling the Dior outlets, one is in Woodbury Common NY, the other is in Cabazon CA.
  4. Great idea about calling the boutiques, especially Woodbury Commons I forgot about that!! They might just have one :smile:

    Thanks girls!
  5. Let us know what you find....
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