Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find...

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  1. I saw one at the NM sale in San Francisco. I would try calling them ASAP
  2. whats the number? thanks so much! :smile:
  3. 415-362-3900
  4. thank you so much! i appreciate it and will keep you posted :smile:
  5. Good luck tuffcookie! Hope you get your Hudson!
  6. I saw that Hudson on Friday as well. Hopefully you were able to snag it! It was very pretty.
  7. well ladies, heres the story. i called the above number, and the SA peggy told me that that bag was sold. but she took down my name and number and told me she'd be calling if they get anymore available. im keeping my fingers crossed :smile:
  8. Do you know it's part of which collection ?
    Is it Resort 2006 ?
    or S\S 2007 ?
  9. if i remember correctly, the original hudsons were released for fall 06. since it was so popular, it was re-released with some new colors for either resort or spring 07. the new hudsons were only available at the mj boutique stores though.

    i've seen a few of fall hudsons pop up on ebay from time to time. right now a dark brown one with the cream colored stripes is available.
  10. tuffcookie - check out the sale thread....berrylove posted that there are Hudsons on sale at a San Francisco Bloomingdales. Hope this helps!
  11. I was at SF Bloomie's on Friday and the only striping bags on sale were the striping totes.
  12. thanks :smile: i will try calling them tomorrow!
  13. i just saw on that they've restocked the hudson, at full price!
  14. ^ that's odd considering they had it on sale about a month ago.