Does anyone know where I can find these shoes?!?!

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  1. [​IMG]

    I saw these online, I think they are called elaine.. anyway, does anyone know where I can buy them in THIS color?? TIA!! :tup:
  2. Besides a Coach store or, I have seen Coach shoes in Macy's. I am not sure if Nordies and Bloomies carries Coach shoes but I would call ahead and see if they are available.
  3. If that's this year's version, the style name is Emilie....if I'm not mistaken they had some like these with last years sig cotton collection. And like LIblue said, besides Coach, maybe one of the department stores will carry them....I didn't see them at Macy's here though.
  4. Thanks, I'll check it out!! :tup:
  5. they were at dillards in arlington, texas !
  6. Yes, I think they might be at the Dillard's here.
  7. Looks like they bought those at Bloomingdales. I see the return tag.
  8. does anyone know about how much they are??
  9. yeah, from what I can tell there are two styles.. emilie and elaine. I think the ones up above are called elaine.. I prefer the buckle personally, but they are all beautiful.