Does anyone know where I can find SOLID GOLD Rosarys??

  1. I know there are some online and on eBay but the beads are solid gold and they are a bit small.

    Does anyone know anyplace or anyone they could refer me to??

  2. anyone?? Where is alll of Pf's jewellers?!
  3. I would suggest a high end estate jeweler, maybe even Christies, sothebys, and all of your high end jewelers, they all have estate pieces, call all of them.
  4. Christies is having their Magnificent Jewelry sale next week. Go to & check out the online catalog to see if they have what you're looking for.
  5. I wonder if Japster could do this. I would volunteer but I've never made a rosary and I'd worry about doing it wrong. :smile:
  6. thanks everyone KEEP THOE LEADS COMING!!!!...
  7. Believe it or not, but I've seen them at costco... 14k, though.

    Also, Ben Bridge jewelers....

    There's also a little place in Ala Moana called "Cathedral Gift Shop" (i think) that carries a line of rosaries... not sure if they have a website.... but, I got a really pretty sterling rosary from them.

    I think [​IMG] would approve.