Does anyone know where I can find and Ocean City with RH?

  1. I'm dying for a blue bag and since I missed out 2 yrs. ago on the Ink, I'm now hunting for an Ocean City. If anyone happens to see one in their travels to the mall or knows who might carry it, please, please, let me know! Thanks again:tup:
  2. I have an Ocean City with RH and I think it's the most gorgeous blue I've ever seen. Good luck with your won't be disappointed.
  3. has an ocean city. Check it out.
  4. Diabro is a little more expensive plus, they don't show you the picture of that actual bag you will be getting. I like to see the actual bag especially when I can't return it. You can't return it if you buy from Diabro. So although they have one, it might be less than ideal.

    Balenciaga NYC had one a couple of weeks ago. I loved the color but I wasn't crazy about it because is had a few tiny scratches on it. But the plus side is you won't pay sales tax (unless you live in NY) and you won't pay a delivery fee. You might not be as picky as I am.

    I looked all over and finally found a brand new one from Elizabeth Thomas on eBay. Good luck.

  5. Thanks everyone! That's funny you should mention about the sales tax because when I called them about something else, they said they charge tax depending on where you live but shipping is free. Maybe they don't charge tax over a certain amount?
  6. So did you get it? There is a nice one on eBay right now from the same seller I got mine from. It has a flaw on the strap but the leather looks even nicer than mine.
  7. They charge tax if you live in New York, and if the billing address of the cc you will be using is in NY..
  8. Thanks Allisonfaye.....I'm bidding on another City (this was before the Ocean showed up) and waiting to see how that pans out, but I'm watching it!:tup: