Does anyone know where I can find an Ink Work?

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  1. I've finally decided on a Work color but I don't know where to find except eBay. Does anyone know if any stores out there still have one in stock? If not, I'll start going down the list making calls. Thanks!
  2. Try your local Neiman Marcus...and have them locate it from another store...they still have the Work colors from 2-3 seasons ago
  3. Try Barney's in Chestnut Hill, MA! They may still have one left! Ask for Peter! Good Luck!!!!!
  4. try neiman's in houston...they had a work in blue, but it MAY have been marine (which is also a plenty dark blue)...not positive. that was just today, so it's worth trying. good luck!
  5. Hey cracker, I think that BalNY has the Work in Ink Blue, but with the GH. Not sure if you were considering GH as an option... Good luck with your search!
  6. Hi there just a little rectification hope you don't mind monsoon88.
    The ink is from ss 06 there was no GH then. so the one you have seen must have been marine.:yes: