Does anyone know where I can find a Rouge vif Mini Bowling.....

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  1. I gotta have one! Let me know if you've seen one in stock somewhere. If not I plan on calling BalNY today.
  2. yes! still had at least one(according to the pdf they sent me yesterday) Good luck!
  3. I believe Aloha Rag does still have them... can you tell me about the mini bowling? I have been thinking about it in the greige at AR.
  4. I don't really know much. I saw this pic of CA and I've wanted one ever since.

    According to a recent thread, the bowlings are being discontinued. Here are the dimensions:

    MINI-BOWLING 163259 $1075
    11.5"h x 12"w x 3.5"d

    BOWLING 163258 $1185
    13.5"h x 12"w x 4"d
  5. If you go to the PHOTOS thread and search for bowling, you'll see a pic of Zac's large bowling. It's gorgeous. I believe I also saw a pic of someone carrying the greige. Check them out. I think the style is adorable. I'm skeptical of using Aloharag because of the restocking fee and customs. I'm hoping maybe someone saw one recently at NM or Barney's. Thanks!
  6. Shouldn't be any customs from AR because they are in the US and so are you? I agree about the restsocking issue.
  7. duh, you're right. I wasn't thinking..........maybe I'll give them a shot. I'm just really picky about the leather and I hate returning stuff if I'm unhappy with it. Have you used aloha before?
  8. I haven't but alot of forum members seem to have and all seem to have been happy w/them...
  9. The mini bowling is a cute style. By the way, Aloharag is great! :yes: Since they are from Hawaii, there are no customs and no taxes. They even provide free shipping when the bag is over $500. They also ship two-day air via FedEx. Overall, the final price can be a much better deal than ordering from Barneys are NM, especially if you are comfortable with the color and style.
  10. cool! hopefully they still have it!
  11. I saw a mini one in Maxfield store in California....but it was a darker red.