Does anyone know where I can buy the Rebecca Minkoff MA Hobo?

  1. I seriously loveee this bag. Its like a Morning After with a shoulder strap built in and it is gorgeous! I know Luna Boston has the Blue Patent style but Im looking for either a non-patent blue, a black, or a rich brown color. ARGH, this bag is so hard to find! I dont understand why either because someone on tpf told me that the style is favored by so many, I mean really they should make more of them!

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. Whew! You're not kidding. I've looked on every site and online store I can think of, and no luck. Are you sure other sites besides Luna carry it? On lunaboston, it says "made exclusively" for them. Maybe call them directly and see if they have any.
  3. Can be. I researched for this bag, too and I just found one on eBay but nowhere else.
    Here's the link:
  4. LOL, thanks, but Im actually looking for a very dark expresso/almost black shade of brown, or black. Navy Blue would be nice too. I have too many chocolate/mahogany.lighter brown colored bags. Anyhow I have been haggling the ladies at and they have the hobo for like $615 or something like that, and I CANNOT believe that they dont offer codes, promotions, discounts, or anything as an incentive to motivate new buyers to their shop. I mean come on! They have to realize how much business they are losing! You've got to offer codes, or at least competitive prices to be in the online boutique game! I would have really bought the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Hobo from them in the dark brown but not for that outrageous price! Luna Boston has that patent blue one that is supposedly so hot this season, for much cheaper (using the grechen code) than funkylala's older RM Hobo Styles. *Shaking my head, I dont understand that boutique!
  5. not the color you're looking for but Delcina has one in Almond and Royal Blue and use Grechen20 for 20% off until 10/31