Does anyone know where I can buy an Eclipse tote?

  1. Hey everyone, I have yet to buy my first Gucci. So I've been looking around to see which one I want the most...and I keep going back to the Eclipse tote. So cute! But such a problem to try and find! Does anyone know where I can find this? I haven't called the outlet store yet. I looked on eBay also but am kind of skeptical about it...been screwed over before! Thank you everyone for your help!!!:smile:
  2. here is a photo of the one I want[​IMG]
  3. They have been discontinued. The outlets would be the only place that could have any left but I doubt there would be any left. Call up though and try.
  4. I would say the outlet as well and maybe keep your eye on some consignment stores like
  5. This was so widely faked so I would be very cautious of eBay. I would try to call the outlet to see if they have one or if there are any in stock anywhere.
  6. thanks mich206! I'm going to email them for more pics. Thanks for helping everyone!
  7. What's a reasonable price for this bag? I know it was retailed at $695 (or somewhere around there?)