Does anyone know where can I get hold of a red or black Modern Chain shopper bag?

  1. I'm from Singapore. But the waitlist is SOooo Long, and they are only getting 3 in black. So I hope to get it from the States. Does anyone know where I can get (or queue for) a red/black Modern Chain shopper bag? Thanks.
  2. I don't know if my Neimans ships to Singapore but I know they are getting the Modern chain bags in those colors in October.
  3. Thks! Yes, they do ship to sin cos I hv gotten other things from them previously. Do you hv any idea which Neiman Marcus? Or is there any that you would recommend? I beginning to see some hope.:yahoo:
  4. Neiman Marcus in San Diego. Call 619-692-9100 and ask for Mariela in Chanel accessories.
  5. A million thks. Tt's exactly what I'm going to do the first thing tonight.:lol:
  6. Thks Snoothoprter. Mariela said that they indeed will be having the large MC in black, and she put my name in the waitlist. She said the chances of getting the bag is quite high. Once again, thanks v much.
  7. Woo Hoo!!!:yahoo: Can't wait to see your pictures.:nuts:
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