Does anyone know when's the next Gucci sale?

  1. I'm thinking June....any ideas out there. I need to get myself prepared.:wlae:
  2. Diva, I am not sure but I think that it will be same as Italy season sale or right after season sale. July~August.:smile:
  3. I checked my Saks receipt from last year's sale a couple of weeks ago. The sale was at the end of May.
  4. I am pretty sure last year the pre-sale started the last week of May and the sale started the 1st week of June
  5. it that only for the states? does anyone know if it's the same for Canada?
  6. a few more weeks!
  7. yup! end of may... I bought a new bag today lol! My SA said just a couple more weeks then she will call me to Pre-order :yes:
  8. omg im soooooo excited!!! :-d ANYONE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GONNA GET??? or are hoping?
  9. i was wondering..this is prob a really dumb question..but is the sale in the gucci boutiques or in major department stores or both?
  10. The sale should be in both Gucci boutiques and department stores with Gucci.
  11. What about Asia?? I live in the US but might be in Asia at the end of May....any ideas?
  12. Can't wait!! I did so well at the sale last year at Saks....Does anyone think that a SA would put stuff aside for them if they asked? you the day before the sale starts? I'm wondering if I should ask.

  13. Thank you for the good information.. :smile:
  14. My SA told me she would call me during the presale and she would allow me to pick out what I want... then she would charge it the day of and its mine!

    I am plannng to get a black bag! I am hoping there will be a hobo on sale!
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  15. the last time i bought something at gucci was last year during the sale in may, and i knew they had another sale around the fall right? i was wondering how come none of the SA called me about the sale that went on in the fall? will they call me this year for the sale in may?