Does anyone know when the Victoria's Secret semi annual sale starts online?

  1. Anyone know?

  2. i was wondering the same thing! i know it starts in stores sometime in early january, but im not sure of the exact date. if anyone knows i would appreciate it too!
  3. I read it was starting 12/17.
  4. Anyone else know if it starts 12/17?
  5. Since i was curious too, I called my local victorias secret and they said the sale starts in stores January 3rd, they weren't sure if online starts before or at the same time. hope this helps :smile:
  6. Thanks for the info :tup:
  7. Last year the sale online started before the sale in the store, i remember that. but i dont think dec 17th is right bc i dont think they would start a big sale right before xmas. not sure tho
  8. I read somewhere it was going to start either 12/17 as said or 12/19. I can't remember now. The person talked to somone from VS customer service. Don't know if this is accurate, but last year it did start online 1st. Does sound early, but someone also mentioned that their sales may have not been as good?:s
  9. 12/17? Tomorrow? :yahoo: if so. I'll be sure to check. :yes:

    I do know that last year it started online before it did in the stores.
  10. I was wondering the same thing! I've been checking their website daily just waiting for it. In the past, it usually started about 2 weeks before the instore sale.
  11. Just so you guys get an idea.. last year the sale started online on the 21st.
  12. So the online sale starts really early (like really early!) I thought it would be a little later, but of course the site is usually 2 weeks in advance on sales and such before the store.

    My poor wallet already drained from gift shopping...
  13. Yeah the sale online usually starts atleast a week ahead before the store.
  14. Looking on their Web site - no sign of their semi-annual sale. Unless they're not advertising it as that.....
  15. I just got the latest VS catalog in the mail; it said that the semi-annual sale will start on January 3, 2008 in stores. There was nothing about the online sale though.

    I think it'll start a week before the stores based on the last couple of years.