Does anyone know when the outlets will be getting the signature stripe bags?

  1. Ok, so, I might be a little late in wanting one of these, but, for the longest time, I liked them, but didn't think they were quite me...WRONG! I saw a woman carrying one yesterday and now I must own it! But, with all the bags coming out, I'm hoping that this will make it to the outlet, pronto! Anyone have any idea as to when this will make it there, or even make it there at all? :sad: Thanks a lot guys!
  2. I saw them in the boutique today, so I don't think they'll be heading to the outlets anytime soon . . .
  3. yea, I was afraid of that :sad: lol...thanks though :smile:
  4. It's still on the website so I don't think it's going to be in for a while.