Does anyone know when the New Spies hit.......

  1. Hello, Does anyone know when the New spies hit the shops for Spring/Summer 2007? Would it be the end of December? Thanks
  2. i love the spies!
    please let me know when they show up too!!
  3. Anywhere from the end of December (little early) through the begining of February.
  4. Thanks wish it was not such a long wait.......
  5. what color are going to be released?
  6. ^that's what I want to know. I'm hoping for something utterly liscious, in the red family.
  7. That would be lovely Deco, lets hope they are going to bring out new spy's in 2007 and do not stop doing them which would be so awful
  8. I was hoping to see the same color ... RED Spy! :yes:
  9. We should start a petition to Fendi for a Red spy
  10. ^^ Yeah a darker red spy. Like the cherry, but more red. Maybe like grenat or bordeaux, mmm. Even better would be if they have another hologram spy with red undertones...
  11. red would be nice :smile:
  12. I would love a red spy too. But if they repeat green or petrol, I would love it too!
  13. awwwwwwwwwwww RED :heart: ... sky blue? emerald?
  14. im trying so hard to imagine a PINK spy but it cant :sick: However i dont mind a magnetta (sp?) spy like the one was posted in ebay (was fake though) ..awwwwww would love to have one
  15. will there be new baby spy bags as well?