Does Anyone Know When The Multicolore Zippy Coin Purse Will be Online???

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  1. Hi.

    I'm loving the MC Zippy Coin Purse and would love to get one online. Does anyone know when/if it will be on or elux??? I've seen pictures of everyone's and I really want one! If anyone knows I would be grateful!
  2. It has been on eLux off and on. I've been watching for it to come back. Right now they have no MC and also mono zippy coin and azure are sold out. I hope they are not waiting until after price increase to put them back up. (my suspicious mind)
  3. I am wondering too. I really want the black MC!!!
  4. So they have been on eLux? :cry: I really want a MC zippy! Has anyone seen them on LV yet?
  5. I saw on eLux on and off, and it is available on at the moment :yes:
  6. I just looked on and in USA and UK it's not in there...?
  7. The multicolore is not online...Or else I missed it! Ahhhh! I want one so bad!
  8. I saw it online last week and when I went to the Boutique yday there weren't any out. They said they're waiting for their launch on 4/15.
  9. I ordered my black MC yesterday. I should have it Wednesday. I thought about waiting and ordering on eLux (no tax, free shipping), but it bothered me that I couldn't request specific colors. I broke down and ordered one from a boutique. I requested one with lots of pink/purple.
  10. I want one too...couldn't decide between a MC wapity and the zippy coin purse. Are they gonna come back before the price increase??
  11. Thanks. I hope you are right! I'd really like to get a MC Zippy before the price increase online. If anyone sees a MC Zippy Coin Purse online, please let me know! TIA!!!!
  12. Zippys have not reappeared on elux all day. There were two Galliera PMs that appeared at about 2 and then were sold by 3:45. Nothing else new. I am watching!
  13. I spoke with an elux associate via chat and she told me that "we are expecting numerous new products to be launched by the end of this week"...hmmm...perhaps they are waiting for the increase....
  14. i hate their marketing tatics:cursing: