does anyone know when the mini lin ebone first debuted??

  1. Hi gals! I was just wondering if any by any chance knows when the mini lin ebone line (speedy) came out. i just read on another forum that it didnt come out until 2007. im quite sure it came out before, but im not 100 percent sure. i just got one on eBay that is dated SP 0096 and i was wondering if it was even made back then.

    thanks guys =)
  2. Hi, i bought my speedy dec 2006. date code SP1006 from Singapore. Don't know if it helps. Hopefully some others can contributr. :smile:
  3. Min Lin is from the Mens S/S 2005 show and Mini Lin Womens line came out in 2006 :smile:
  4. thanks guys!!!
  5. the datecode seems right to me