Does anyone know when the magenta laced ergo pleated framed satchel is coming out?

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    Boy that is a mouthful!;)

    The lacing detail is very pretty, but I love the purple-ish color even more! It actually makes a hybrid of my two favorite bags of the moment--the Hamptons Carryall in Berry mixed with the pleated framed ergo satchel.

    A lovely soul here is giving me a PCE to use, no matter what I buy. Thanks Renie!

    I don't know that I will be able to afford my beloved pleated satchel, but I will see.

  2. Not exactly sure when it's coming out but i agree it's a beautiful bag. I hope they have more colors coming out with the lace detail.
  3. Not sure when its going to hit stores, but it is available to order now... I hope they make this laced ergo in a teal, that would be gorgeous! :yes:
  4. If I ordered it, I would probably not be able to use my PCE, right?
  5. They did not say Ergo is excluded, sooo.... :graucho:
  6. You can order it w/your PCE... as long as its not excluded, and ergo is not, so your good to go! :tup: I think thats what I'm gonna get as a matter of fact! :graucho: (just wish it would come in more colors besides magenta and putty), but it is a GORGEOUS bag!
  7. OMG I know it is beautiful! I really should not be buying this PCE, but it is so pretty! :thinking:
  8. did anyone see how the putty actually looks like? I remember the other poster who got the magenta said the putty was like an off white? I might want that...
  9. TnC, here is the putty - it is lovely,



    The magenta looked pretty true to life in the pics that were posted of it, so the putty is probably pretty close to this color IRL as well.
  10. Gah, I love that bag soooo much... I just wish they made a smaller version as well. The style and the color are just absolutely beautiful!

    I'm having the same issue with the Hamptons Carryall. All the styles I LOOOVE are way too big for my liking. =(
  11. thanks greenpixie!
  12. I love the laced even better than the original, and I LOVE the origina, so that's saying a lotl!!! What is the price on these?
  13. Is the item number 12725? I have the pink patent, so maybe I should consider the putty???
  14. Anyone know the style number of these? Is this laced style also coming out in the hobo?
  15. These are adorable with the lacing! I love them! But I would need it in a pretty color in order to entice me to buy another one and I'm just not feeling the magenta for some reason. It's pretty but not for me.