Does anyone know when the Longchamp sale is?

  1. I know they usually have one in the summer...
  2. I am not sure but there is a site online that discounts bags. they also offer free ship. I was in Saks and they have discounted 2 styles but nothing great!
  3. I'm going to be in SF tomorrow...does anyone know if Longchamp will be on sale at Saks or the boutique? thanks!
  4. Don't think this will help much but in The Netherlands they started the sale 2 days ago... Check online, perhaps they say something about the US!!!
  5. hey, i was just at the madison longchamp store a few days ago and the sale has already started! there are a lot of colors of the pliage bags on sale and a lot of leather ones too.
  6. I was in NJ this weekend. Nothing was on sale yet wonder whats up with that!
  7. old thread, but i heard that there is a longchamps sale in early january. can anyone confirm if this is true?
  8. bump. anyone?
  9. In the New York Times yesterday they announced the sale in their stores beginning on Tuesday, January 8th.
  10. bloomingdales store have it on salses for 30% off few days ago
  11. does the sale include le pliage?
  12. Wow! Anyone know of more info??
  13. don't know much about longchamp.. but like jet912 said, some of their collection is 30% at bloomies.. one of them has stripes (brown/blue) on it.. i don't know what's the collection name though.. there's several others..
  14. I just called them and they said it starts on the 8th and the sale starts at 25% and goes on from there. It's supposed to be discontinued items and colors.
  15. does anyone know if les pilages are on sale at bloomies? messed up one of my mj's sooo i really shouldn't be taking my nice bags out in the rain anymore :lecture: