Does anyone know when the Gucci sale is?

  1. There is a medium hobo that I really want...Thanks! :yes:
  2. I'm pretty sure it starts the first week of June
  3. Thanks BooYah! :flowers:
  4. theres already a thread about this in here :d
  5. what will go on sale?
  6. how much of a sale is it usually?
  7. pre-sale begins next week. my SAs told me that they will find out what will be on sale by wednesday of this coming week! they will be inviting me early to select items on sale.

    usually seasonal prints, flora, leathers, and others are on sale.
    classic bags with brown/black monogram will not be included in the sale.
  8. Yes ED47 I called today and spoke to an SA. He said by the end of the week they will know what will go on sale. And the first week of June is when the sale starts. So he said he'd call me on Friday to let me know what would be on sale but I know I probably will call him first. Can't wait!!!
  9. Does anyone know if the sale will be only in USA or will it be in all Gucci stores including European ones? I'm going to Copenhagen in early June :smile:
  10. I hope the leather horsebit hobo goes on sale!