Does anyone know when perforated lady diors came out?

  1. Hi all:p
    does anyone know when perforated lady diors came out?
    ive only managed to get pic of perforated small lady dior from the dior website, but i saw medium sized lady diors ( in white and pink dots) at dior botiques. anyone know when it came out?

    Picture 1.jpg
  2. Hi Mr Mann,

    i've seen the perforated lady diors in the e/w size (like the picture you posted) in the dior boutique at sloane street, london, last year in december.

    as for the proper lady diors in the medium size that come in perforations, i first saw them when i was back in singapore over easter break (march/april). it comes in black with pink perforations by the way - that's the 2 colour combinations (pink with white perfs & black with pink perfs). there's a matching long wallet for this range too (which was available since december last year - that's when i bought mine at the dior in manchester's selfridges).

    the price for the medium lady dior with perforations is about SGD$2800 (which is USD$1848 - based on's exchange rate.. and if my memory isn't failing me).

    i nearly bought the black one myself, it's absolutely gorgeous (and the perforations are much more distinct on the black than on the pink). the SA who reserved it for me told me it's a seasonal piece as far as she knows.

    i hope that helps some. ;)
  3. Thank you zerodross:yahoo:

    I prob shouldve posted this on authenticate thread lol, but anyway, im eyeing perforated lady dior on eBay and the seller emailed me pic of the auth card, and the date reads 2003..i was bit confused over that lol!
    i will post pic of the bag in authenticate thread :yes:
  4. mr mann,

    if it's the pictures you just posted of the lady dior on the "authenticate this" thread, it's an authentic STUDDED lady dior you're eyeing on eBay, rather than a perforated one. the perforated lady dior (in black) comes with a pink interior lining with dior monogramming on it (just an FYI).

    MayDay has a studded lady dior (e/w version) in the "authentic dior collections" thread. here's a picture of her studded lady dior.


    as a comparison, here's how the perforations on a lady dior looks like (sorry i couldn't find any other stock pictures, but it's a picture of my perf lady dior wallet)

  5. zerodross! thank you so much for that info!:yahoo::yahoo:, one last question lol, do you know when it was released?

    Thanks alot:smile:
  6. do you mean when the studded lady dior was released?

    i've not got a clue, but definitely not in the last year (or this year). you might want to ask for a picture of the back of interior tag where the serial number is. it should match the serial number written on that authenticity card. :yes: