Does anyone know when LV came out with the Epi in yellow?

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  1. what year was it last produced? Any ideas? Thank you!
  2. Tassali Yellow late 1980s early 1990s :yes:
  3. Is this the same one with the purple interior? Darn, I'm way late!:s
  4. Yes, I had purple alcantara lining... :love:
  5. My speedy only has a purple pouch though~:idea:
  6. gosh... I must sound stupid... I had a petit noe in tassili yellow with purple alcantra lining.... 3 pochettes yellow, blue, & black... but they were lined in some sort of washable lining...6 cles holder... small wallet...:shame:
  7. Ghost.... just spied your pic with the speedy... very nice....:love:
  8. Thanks!:shame: I still haven't used her yet...waiting for Spring:yes:
  9. I got the yellow PM agenda... can't believe she is so old! Gosh!
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