Does anyone know when Gucci will be holding its next sale ?

  1. I'd like to plan ahead for it - thank you in advance.
  2. They just had a sale, so I think it might be a while till the next.
  3. Usually the first week of June...Presale starts at the end up may... start saving up now!
  4. Yes.. If you can find out when they are preselling and make sure you purchase the bags during presale. The good stuff is almost always gone once the actual sale starts beause they've presold it. My SA at 5th Ave said that there are like lines waiting to get in for the Gucci sale. I'm sure we'll see it posted here when Gucci starts preselling then be ready to POUNCE!
  5. June!!
  6. Thanks ladies! That's really good to know. I work around the corner from the 5th ave store n' believe you me, I'm savin' up startin' NOW and ready to pounce!
  7. I would be super broke if I worked around the corner from 5th AVE! I go up just a few times a year and I love it! Then I take those little Rickshaw (with the guys on the bike) and ride it back to the bus station...
  8. I'm new to Gucci so when you say sale, how much are we talking in savings?
  9. I think for the last sale in December they marked down fabric 30% and leather 40% (of selected styles of course).
  10. Is this at the Gucci boutiques only - presale? And then they go online?
    They had some styles for sale online - but nothing that I wanted.
    I have my eye on the small pelham and abbey - what are the chances of getting them in monogram on sale in June???
  11. Does the boston bag ever go on sale?
  12. How do you get invited to the presale?? Do you just show up and the SA's will let you purchase the item(s) at the sale price??
  13. Presale is done at the Gucci Boutique.. Online no, and the online the selection isn't that great. As for the presale, I normally get a postcard in the mail from Gucci. I also get an email as well. Someone for sure would post on the forum when Gucci is preselling. I would just pop by the store while they are preselling. You can just ask an SA what's going on presale and then they take your cc info and when the sale day hits, they charge you for what you were presold and ship it off to you.
  14. OMg how I would love to work around the corner from 5th Ave :drool: