Does anyone know when Bloomingdale's may have 15% off for opening a card pls?

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  1. Anyone know when they do the 15% or 20% for a new card holder and if they ship tax free out of state (none in Missouri I believe) and finally, if this applies to Chanel bags?

    Thanks ever so much for any responses! :biggrin:
  2. I understood that this promotion was ongoing... Anytime a new customer applies for a new card, they get 15% off the entire day. I am not sure if that 15% applies to leased departments, such as LV or Chanel though.
  3. i think normally is 10. sometimes 15 to 20 depending on sale volume. The discount does apply to CHanel, but no LV.
  4. they just had 15% last week...I think, if I'm not wrong they had 20% in february and May.
  5. hmm... I thought it was on going too. In December on the website they advertised 15% off for one day with any new Bloomie's account, but now on the website it's only 10%. I guess it changes throughout the year.
  6. They have the 15% off promo pretty often. Keep checking. I think they'll have it again next week. When I opened my bloomies card, I got 15% off my Chanel, so it definitely works on Chanel.
  7. the 15% off will started Feb 11 - 15.
  8. Thanks everyone. I called them and they said it wouldn't work on Chanel bags so I'm a little confused. I'll try to call again and see what they say. 15% is a great discount! :smile:
  9. Yes, it works.
    Although, Louis Vuitton is not associated with this promot anyhow.
  10. If you go to the Bloomies website now and click on the credit services section, it says they are offering the 15% off now.
  11. Op it does work on Chanel, pm if you need a good Chanel SA :smile:
  12. Yes, the 15% is going on right now.
  13. I opened a Bloom credit card last year and got 20% off on my Chanel bag. It works on Chanel. I just regarded that I didn't get a pair of Chanel shoes with it.
  14. hi ladies, that means if i open an account tomorrow and whatever i buy in bloomies will be 15% off including chanel handbags, and do they have good selections, cuz i'm looking for halfmoon WOC thanks.
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