does anyone know when barneys will be 75% off?

  1. BG is starting on 1/17
  2. started yesterday thru Sunday 1/13
  3. Sorry, but what is 75% off? Is it addn 75% off all sale?
  4. no, up to 75% off
  5. nothing good is really left

    I was there yesterday
  6. me too! it was so disappointing
  7. Does anyone know what the price adjustment policy of BG is? Thank you!
  8. i was at georgetown barney coop today, still says up to 65% off, but i saw nothing that was 65% off, mostly are 50% off. maybe some on the man level? which i didn't check out. I don't like gtown's barney, the service people were not friendly, they were not really helping customers, just stand there and chatting all the time
  9. I checked out the BH location today.. there was some cute stuff, and I managed to snag an Ella Moss shirt for $19 and MBMJ trousers for $49. Great deals!
  10. I was at the Chicago Barneys twice this week. There are two days left of their sale then they will be shipping all of the sale stuff out of the store, probably to their outlet Im guessing. So if you want anything and you are not near the store I would hurry up and call them today and ask them to do a charge send if theres someting you want. I remember last year everything on sale just dissappeared, from the stores and the website.

    There were a few Lanvins left, a dark brown Derek Lam Hildegard, a Marc Jacobs woven handbag, a Balenciaga coin purse in green, and some fur bags maybe MJ, and a Fendi that I wasnt crazy about. There were also some small black and pink clutches that I didnt look at very closely. Many of those that I saw are also shown on the website, except for the Derek Lam Hildegard. That was a steal at $499 down from $1800. Its all about what comes in as a return. Everything was about $500 or less and I think anything interesting and not too strange was probably the result of a return.

    If anybody near another Barneys could give all of us the low down that would be cool too!
  11. Oops, sorry, I didn't see this thread before. I just got an email from Barneys today saying that today is the last day for 75% off. Hope this helps!