Does anyone know when Balenciaga is getting the Makeup (or their next shipment)?

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  1. I'm waitlisted for the Makeup, I was wondering if anyone know when the next shipment will arrive? Judging by the posts, the last shipment came on November 30, so I'm hoping it will be soon?

    Is anyone else waiting for a new bag to come?
  2. I'm waiting for the makeup too (though I'm not on the waitlist) and I called them today asking when they expect it, and the SA had no idea... sorry! wish I had an answer for both of us.
  3. The accessories usually come in last according to Joseph, he said it will be a while.
  4. I'm still waiting on marine with regular hardware
  5. I am hearing no later than the middle of Jan..I am waiting on a marine first and a marine money or compagnon..hate waiting!!
  6. ^ Thanks sagranch! My SA didn't give me an idea at all, for all I knew it could take a year :biggrin: Having a deadline makes the waiting much easier!
  7. I totally agree w/ the deadline thing!!
  8. I'm waiting on an Anthracite City that's supposed to come in in January sometime, maybe 2nd or 3rd week...