does anyone know what year/color this bag is? khaki?

  1. thanks!!
  2. From the silver tag, that is an 05 Olive :yes:
  3. thank you so much!
  4. Actually, I believe this is an 04 Kaki from the "B" :yes:
  5. I think hmwe46 is right - my (recently departed for a new home :crybaby:) 05 Olive City had a "Z."
  6. Oopss, sorry about that :sweatdrop:, somehow, I thought "B" is an 05 production (was thinking of "A" from 05 turquoise)and I don't know how I made the connection :sweatdrop:..and the fact I have 04 Lilac with "B" tag too still does not prevent me from the confusion..:push:
  7. 04 khaki....I have a weekender....great color!