Does anyone know what this is?

  1. i have no idea if it's fake or not....

    it seems fake, but there are a lot of shirts on eBay that i've never seen before...

  2. very interesting... thermal sleeves?
  3. I've never seen that before. For some reason, I think it's fake, too~
  4. I think it's real, but I'm not sure..... I saw something just like it at Metropark.. just not a hoodie. It was just a shirt thoughhh
  5. I think it's real, and a men's S/S hoodie? the seller has a LOT of tokidoki fall tshirts, all real, so I'm inclined to think it's authentic.
  6. the seller is's eBay store. So I'd have to say that its a legit item, I've bought shirts from them before that are real
  7. yeah im on the trendystars website right now & its up there - along with a bunch of other cute stuff! :nuts: uh oh! my next paycheck is in danger!
  8. It's legit. That seller sells authentic Toki.
  9. Why would they have an ebay store under a totally separate name? The seller's ebay store is called M&Y Luxury, I've bought toki tees and jewelry from her before. She's on vacation at the moment. Does she work for TrendyStar??? :confused1:
  10. omg. fall shirts are awesome!!!!! i want the sweater!
  11. on what site are you seeing these shirts and sweaters? URL, please! :smile:
  13. yes, it's real, we have it at JapanLA too. Me and Steph were thinking about cutting the black sleeves off of it...hmmmmm....what do you think?
  14. I would totally rather have it as a short sleeved. If people wanted the layered look they could layer it themselves. I would cut the sleeves if I bought it.
  15. I didn't even know the sleeves were a part of it. Eh, I think I'd like it better without the sleeves.

    Anyways, as for being Chic Icon and being this M&Y Luxury thing...I'll ask next time I go and get it straightened out unless someone else goes before me. The listed items on the eBay store does look a hell of alot like what they sell I'm pretty sure it is all the same people.