Does anyone know what this epi leather color is called?

  1. [​IMG]

    This agenda was given to me, and I really think it's a beautiful color. I know it's authentic.. But Im just not a real agenda person.. at least analog agendas anyway.

    Anywho, I checked the LV site and the epi leather midsized agendas like this one only come in a few colors, this not being one of them..

    So Im guessing it was a limited item???

    I dunno, if anyone knows anything about it, id really like to know

  2. That's the Myrtille blue, a seasonal color. :yes:
    You can still find a few random pieces on elux I think.
  3. I think there have been a few epi blues, I know of Toledo Blue and Mytrille, but can't really tell the difference just from a pic because of lighting variables. I think Myrtille was discontinued about a year ago, and Toledo blue was before that. There's a thread about epi colours in the reference section if you're interested ... I'll see if I can find it for you.
  4. Bright blueberry, yum!! I'd love to see that in person. I could wish they hadn't discontinued the Myrtille though ... my little myrtille Segur was my 1st LV purchase and I will never part with that bag, it's a timeless design and just such a wonderfully neutral blue.

    Here's the epi colour thread:
  5. Yup, definitely Myrtille. One of my customers came in with a Myrtille Epi PTI. It was GORGEOUS!!!
  6. Thanks guys!

    OH MY GODDD the purses in that myrtile are GORGEOUS!

    Because the colour is discontinued, do you think I should be asking more for it? Or no.
  7. ^Not really yet, it was only discontinued this year and there are some smaller items still floating around in stores and on elux.