does anyone know what this coat style is called?

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  1. Hi everybody,

    So, for some reasons, I really like the style of this coat, used to feel okay...but now I'm really looking to buy one, but have no idea what they're called. I thought they were called pea coat. Express has one, but I think it's too plain, so I want to browse and see my options. I think it will look stylish with boots and jeans, what do you think?
    Any ideas?

    i googled capelette but it's not showing what I wanted to see.

    Thanks people!:smile:
  2. oops, I thought the link would direct you to the picture..
    it's the top left.
  3. I've seen them called it a trapeze coat. I also like to think of it as a swing cropped coat, HTH!
  4. thanks for the input margaritas and airmess!

    the one on brooksbrothers is kinda long though, and the price :wtf:.
    that's what I thought "cape" was. I've always seen the long ones with 2 buttons.
    I'm looking more of those kind of coats that ends at waistline.

    does anyone know any brands that have this style?
  5. I think a pea coat is double-breasted. I'd call this a trapeze coat. I'm not sure about this particular one from the picture, but on some trapeze coats, the arms are 3/4 length. That might be something to consider it you really need it for warmth as well as fashion.
  6. That's interesting that capelette didn't work, since that's what I would have called it too. Definitely not a pea coat, those are a more structured, straight double-breasted coat that originated as a man's style -- they're what the navy wears as outerwear. I think the trapeze, swing coat, and cape suggestions are all good ones if capelette is coming up empty.
  7. Not sure how much you want to spend. You can find designer cropped cape coats like this one by Chloe for $870 (on sale, too):

    or this one by Susana Monaco for $396:

    or this one by Derek Lam for $716 (on sale also):

    They are very in style now so you might even be able to find some stuff at department stores. Macy's has this one on its website for $138:

    I got one a vintage one on eBay last year for under $60. Something like this is probably longer than you are looking for:




    These 3 are very cute (and not plain black):

    I'd search around eBay and Google using terms like "cropped cape coat," "cropped swing coat," "cropped trapeze coat," or "cropped cape." eBay this year seems to have a lot of capes made out of fur....not my style, but it could be yours. :yes:

    Hopefully you'll find something you like. Good luck!
  8. yea that one was actually my favorite too. the seller even has that style in 3 different colors in all different sizes. swing coats are pretty universally flattering, i think. good luck. let us know if you decide to get one!
  9. I think I've seen them referred as "capelet", instead of the Express spelling. Not sure if that helps though.. I *think* I saw some at Nordstrom.