Does anyone know what this bag is???

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Hey, wondering what this bag is, I LOVE it!! Thanks!!


    Any help much appeeciated!!
  2. I´m sorry I don´t know what brand it is. I love it though and the groom cles hanging from it.
  3. Yeh, same!! Anyone have any idea, i want it!!! And the LV cles!! Haha
  4. Could it be miu miu?
  5. i dont see a picture:sad:
  6. yea yea that's wat i thought too!
  7. i think it's miu miu too.
    i've seen miu miu's bag like this, but in brown.
    but i'm not really sure because the pic is small and i can't see the whole bag :P
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