Does anyone know what these are called?

  1. And where I can get them? I've just pinched this picture off ebay, so please forgive that, (as well as that flower!!) but I'm looking to buy some of the plastic frame type things, as I want to use them for storage for my sandals with ankle straps. Been looking through a few pairs at home, and where they are in the box, the straps can crease because no matter how I try, I just can't stuff them out with tissue, or bubble wrap, or anything. Anyone any other idea's for storing sandals with ankle straps?


  2. Oh, I don't know what they're called, maybe a closet organizer would know (baggaholic comes to mind).

    I would think that a storage type store might have them (linens n things, bed bath & beyond). Otherwise, you might be able to use heavy tissue paper to mold it into form.
  3. No luck with the tissue paper, I'm afraid, but I'll have a google at the stores you recommended!

    Many thanks!

  4. Thanks, Addicted, but I've had no luck even finding out what those thingys are called, so just on the off chance that someone may have an idea of what they are called, or where I could get any?

    Sorry for such an old bump, but I'm getting desperate!!!

    Many thanks

  5. How about stuffing a sock or similar with paper?
  6. I've tried all sorts, but not with much success I'm afraid! I was in Jimmy Choo in Dublin recently, and they had lovely glass feet, which would do the job nicely, but they were so heavy, I picked a lovely pair of sandals up, and nearly dropped the whole thing!!

    It's the sandals with the ankle straps that I'm having specific problems with, I just can't seem to keep them so the ankle strap bit doesn't crease.....


  7. Honestly...

    I would go to your nearest store's shoe department that uses those things and asking them where you can also get some :smile:
  8. Ahh, you are all fab, thank you!!

    Now to find someone that will ship to this side of the pond!

    Many thanks!!!

  9. Try ebay. They have all kinds of display items and you can usually find someone who will be willing to ship overseas.