Does anyone know what the s/s'07 bag "Paris Biarritz" look like?

  1. I've been told it's a "key" look for the s/s collection. It's a canvas bag and travel-friendly in size, but that's all I know. Anyone has a photo of it?
  2. That bag looks nice.....but a little on the large side for me. I hope they make one a little bit smaller.
  3. ^^^This whole new "Paris-Biarritz" line is pretty mysterious to all of us right now; not many details have been released yet, apparently...
  4. Thanks. Wow, that's the first photo I've seen of this line!!! Was at the boutique yesterday, and contemplating the Cotton Club tote (i need a BIG bag with a use as a diaper bag :p ), and the SA said I might like the Paris Biarritz better!

    But it is certainly shrouded in mystery....SA said a big fabulous ad campaign will precede the bag launch, but has no photos to show me till then...:cursing: :sad:

    Anyone else has photos of the Paris Biarritz line???? Please post !!!! Thanks in advance....:heart: :heart: :heart:
  5. The reissues with the charms all over them have a charm with the word "Biarritz". Let me see if I can find a picture:yes:
    SS2007 Reissue.jpg
  6. I saw a few little images and line drawings in the second Look Book, liked it enough to put my name down for the leather one.... but the pictures were confusing to me.
  7. Thanks very much for the photos ladies :flowers: :flowers:

    Jayne1, does the leather tote you reserved look like the one in the photo above? This one looks like it's made of canvas??? Or is it patent??

    I don't think the Chanel boutique I was at yesterday had the 'second' look book for s/s...there was only one there...
  8. The one I reserved was very similar to the one in the photo. It may have been the same. The smaller size is a bit different in shape, slightly more square, IIRC. And also, my SA knows I only want leather so I am pretty sure she would have not have directed me to that page in the Look Book if it weren't leather.

    The second Look Book has items that arrive in April. Isn't that correct?
  9. :nuts:
    That sounds so cute!
  10. That bag looks gorgeous it that Picture. Anyone know approx $$$???
  11. I'm not feeling reminds me too much of those horrible MJ bags with the grommets.
  12. i saw the bags today prior to the big launch tmr. the one in the picture is USD1475 and there are hobo versions. they are made of part canvas and part this kind of plastic coated canvas. I want to get the black on black version in the picture (the price is reasonable, colour is good, bag is practical) but then I dont love it like the cabas....Do ppl here think it would be a hit like the cabas? There is also bronze on beige and silver on white...
  13. The one I am wait-listed for is also $1475. I'm not thrilled with the non-leather top. Is it really canvas? :s

    Also, don't the bags have buckle type straps... nice, because you can adjust the length... but design wise, a bit messy looking.