Does anyone know what the post xmas sale at Bloomingdale's will be?

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  1. I have my eye on a bag that is currently 30% off. I am wondering if there will be further markdowns after Christmas? Thanks!
  2. Oh yes, I am very interested also! :yes:
  3. i was at bloomies sf yesterday and clearance shoes were additional 40% off. i asked if they would go off more on the 26th and the sa said no. however, they did let me price adjust the shoes that i bought more than a month ago for at 25% off to the new 40% off discount.
  4. I got something in the mail yesterday from Bloomies:

    "The After Christmas Sale" Starts Wednesday, December 26th.

    Take an Extra 50% off a large selection of sale and clearance items. Also, additional savings and values all over the store.

    All stores open at 8am
  5. do we you know if they will presale for the after x-mas sale ???? *hopeful*

  6. I would buy it now while it's still available, if I were you. Just get the price adjusted in a week if it gets reduced more.
  7. Will they do a price adjustment on a sale item?

    I'm looking at a 40% off handbag. What if this is the last handbag how would they know if it would had been on sale?