Does anyone know what the non-motorcycle B-bags look like?

  1. Does anyone have pictures? Apparently my mum picked up a Lilac one and she says it has the same leather as the motorcycles, but looks different. I'm so confused. :wacko: She said it's one of the latest styles or something... Apparently, it goes over the shoulder and has some sort of buckle or clasp on the front?? :wondering

    Going a bit off topic here, but I'm just so so so excited!! She also bought me a 2006 rose city which I can't wait to use in June when I go back home! :smile: I still want the Ink after seeing so many pictures of the gorgeous colour, but she said Rose is very nice too. WAHH!! I can't wait to go home!! :lol::nuts::lol:
  2. maybe she got the hook bag or shrug?;)
  3. has pics of a lot of non-moto balenciaga bags. hope that helps!
  4. it sounds like the hook bag!

    congrats on your new city :smile:
  5. thanks so much everyone! now i just need to figure out how many clasps/hooks/buckles there are on the front!! :biggrin:

    i never knew there were so many different styles! I mean, obviously balenciaga didn't just make one style (motorcycle) but I haven't seen much of their other ones either. Thanks again for the help!
  6. Here's pics of me with a hook bag in ink. I didn't wind up keeping the bag. I returned it. I really liked it, but I thought the price was a little high for a fun bag. I already have four motorcycle bags and thought for the price of the hook bag I could get a Chanel.
  7. oh that's such a nice colour! is it ink??

    does the bag really cost that much? :blink: i had no idea...
  8. Yes, it's an ink colored bag. I believe the price was $1,495 if I'm not mistaken.