Does anyone know what the new resort bag "Veaugraine" diagonal CC satchel looks like

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  1. Help! I just ordered a new resort line Veaugraine diagonal CC satchel from Nordstrom Topanga. They said it was the last one and is already sold out nationwide. I ordered it because my SA said it was to die for:love:. But, I have never seen it, so I guess I can return it if I don't like it. It was $2976 with tax, so it had better be adorable! Please post photos if you have the bag or pics of it, I'd really appreciate it! Let me know your opinion on it too if you have seen it IRL. Thanks a bunch :yes:
  2. It's UNBELIEVABLE!!! I've only seen photos here though.
    It looks to be a really big bag{?}
  3. I think this is it:
    originally posted by Roey
  4. like the bag, not the color so much. looks like horse pooo!
  5. I'm sure it came in other flavors ;)
    although, I like this color okay.
  6. The style is HOT!
    what other colors does it come in?
  7. OMG its to die for
    what are the dimensions?

    pricey though, geeeeez, my first car was less than this LOL
  8. I wanted that bag! I even like the colour. I took this picture and showed it to my SA (thank you PF) and she said we weren't getting them in Canada... too expensive. Isn't that odd? Since when did that make a difference as to what will sell...

    Anyway, I think it's a great bag.
  9. Not dying for it but it looks nice. I'll bet the leather is lovely.
  10. OMG!!!! I :heart: it!! Thank you so much for posting the pic! I got it in black. The SA said it is about the same size as the small cambon reporter but holds more than the small cambon bucket that i already own. I will post pics when i get it. I am not so sure about the price, it was kinda an impulse...albeit an expensive one! I'll keep you posted and thanks for the comments!
  11. i managed to get some pictures of the other diagonal cc bags in the cruise range too. the SA said the other colours for the peach coloured bag are violet, black and light brown. pardon the fuzziness for the picture of the peach coloured bag, it was all on a camera phone.

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  12. Kristie, the picture posted in this thread is the tote style which cost about >$4K. The one priced in the high $2K has a flap with accordian sides. That style was featured in a small Nordstrom catalog sent out in November. The other colors that I've seen it in is black or a silvery grey (which is to die for!) It is soft and feels like butter. I think you will love your bag...can't wait to see pics.
  13. I saw the small tan one in Saks the other day. The leather is the softest I have ever felt. It is creamy. I was not loving the color as much as I hoped. Saks did not have it in any other color or size when I was there. But they did have some other diagnal cc bags in distressed black leather -- like the mc tote.
  14. I love this line!! I remember seeing it posted here in black.white catalog pics and I was in love with it since then. Unfortunately I cant justify paying that much for it even though the leather looks amazing!!

    I cant wait till you receive it!
  15. I saw this one at the Boutique, but didn't care for the pleated sides... it was too small for me too.

    I wanted the tote, in the first picture (over $4000 here in Canada) which is apparently too expensive to bother getting in... but the size would have been perfect and just what I wanted.