Does anyone know what the Canadian prices are for S/S 2008??

  1. Does anyone know? I can't seem to find any thread with this information


    Also would anyone know if Saks is only ordering medium in the purple? And is it comparable to 227? I think its 2495$

    Thanks everyone!
  2. i think the bloor street boutique is only ordering the purple in 1 size, honestly, the SA's in canada aren't as knowledgeable as some of the sa's in the states. i believe i was told they are only getting it in the size similar to 226, and price is around 26 or 2800, i can't quite remember it....but i think for 2008, you will find the markup compared to u.s. pricing is not as high as it used to be.
  3. the $2425USD is for the 225

    the 227 is quite large. you can find measurements and USD prices in the reference threads.
  4. I got metalic black reissue with gold hw(226)at bloor chanel boutique on Saturday.($2,625.00)
  5. Yikes....almost close to Cdn$3k for the 226. What are colors are they going to get in Canada? I may drop by Montreal/Toronto later.
  6. Sorry, Ceci. I'm not sure what other colors are available at store right now because I was on the waitlist for the metalic black color.
  7. Congrats on your purchase! I'm assuming the price didn't include tax....
  8. There's a new SA at Holts, she young and very nice but doesn't know anything. She kept telling me to go on the Chanel website to find information on all the bags, as if I was so stupid I wouldn't have known to find a website. She thought that everything I wanted to know would be there. :sad: I hate when I'm more knowledgeable than the SA's. They should be educating me.

    On a separate note, they didn't order any of the cute flats either. :tdown:
  9. I called in several times about the purple reissue and they were pretty clueless. Someone told me I was the first on the list for a purple (when I first got news that purple was coming out) then I called a month or so later and they just put my name on the list again. I have no idea what they are up to or even trust that they have my name at the top of the list. I have put my name on some other lists in the US hoping I would get one from there.

    Last I heard Chanel Vancouver was getting purple but like 20 people are on the list already and some Asian lady wasn't being all that nice about it. It makes me not want to get my earrings from her. Holts Vancouver is getting Navy for sure and purple maybe. That lady there was a bit nicer but still snobby, she was like sorry we have a lot of customers waiting its just one or the other. Grrrrrr I hate the SA's here in Van! I have yet to find one that is nice like the others I have dealt with in US and Calgary.

    The Holts SA said the bag (medium) was $2800. Since the SA's at Holts don't seem to be knowledgeable I would get a second opinion first.
  10. i am getting the navy and was quoted $2800 for the medium as well. the prices have gone up soooo much! sad.

    as for the purple...its so elusive...or the SA's are being secretive about it. i am fairly certain that Calgary is not getting the purple, my SA tried hard to get me the purple and i trust her. at least i'm getting the navy.
  11. My SA is no longer with Chanel so I can probably give up on all of the SS08 items :crybaby: I haven't even seen the lookbook yet!
  12. i'm on the waiting list at the bloor st boutique and at holts in toronto for the metallic purple...both places were quite nice when they took my name down....

    hopefully i can get a purple soon...and the SA said the price for 226 is around $2600.
  13. Agree! The SA are not very knowledgeable. I asked about the vinyl gradient cabas, and the SA had no idea what I was talking about... I think I know more knowledgeable. Maybe I should get a part time job there, to help all the Chanel fans in Canada.
  14. YIKES..$2600 now? Oh dear...I feel sad for my bank account. The SA from Holt's called me just now to tell me they have my order on hold. I was too excited to ask for the price..haha.

    Just to clarify, we're talking about ~$2600 w/o tax for the 226 s/s08 reissues right?
  15. Ohh what color did you get?