Does anyone know what the baby cabas retails for and where to find it?

  1. I really need to know how much the baby cabas retails for, what the real name is (lol), and where to find it because I really am in love with the white one and really desperately need it. im obsessed.:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::yahoo::p:upsidedown:
  2. :smile: They called coco cabas, but this is the smaller size cabas. Unfortunately, I have no idea where you can get one.. the retail price is USD1795. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong)

    GOOD LUCK!!! I love mine so much!!!! :shame:
  3. $1795 for the smaller one
  4. thanx so much. im gonna have to save up lol but its worth it because i really love it
  5. i love it too! but so confused with the sizes and prices! ok there is a small one and a large one ( from my understanding haha ) and it comes in leather ( bronze,white and black?) and it comes in black vinyl and denim? and are these type of material available in both sizes? and what are their retail prices?? sorry i love it soo much too and wanting to get one but just need a clear understanding lol
  6. Have you guys checked out the thread in the Reference Library?
    Lots of pics and prices:yes: