does anyone know what style this THOMAS WYLDE bag is?

  1. this is a REPLICA photo!

    i'm just trying to find out the style name of the authentic version of this bag...



  2. I can't remember the name of that style but I think its an older style. Eluxury carries some Thomas Wylde and Barney's used to but doesn't anymore. You can also try electricladyland.
  3. thanks Moi !

    I had NO CLUE it was that expensive!!!

    SO I RETURNED MY D&G LILY TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had to because i bought that prada antik cervo -- SPENCY!

    I thought i would walk out of bloomies all depressed -- but i was totally fine!

    The lady at bloomies asked why i was returning it and i told her I had bought a prada and i couldn't have TWO crazy expensive bags. She was VERY APPROVING of the prada choice over the D&G lily.


  4. I told you it would feel ok once you returned it.
    Not got a really expensive one, not fair.
    I am going to London tomorrow.....update later.
  5. Probably does not help a lot, but Harvey Nichol's main store (in London) had one of this style bag (even though it is an old style) floating around in their sales bins last weekend ... I think that it was marked down to 860 pounds (so about 1600 USD). It was lovely (a light saddle color), but amazingly heavy ...
  6. yes I saw that too but I think it is sold now. yes they are heavy and I have also seen a few sold cheap at Harvey Nicks with broken straps which is not a good sign.
  7. Image has been removed :sad: