Does anyone know what style this is?

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  1. Thanks.
  2. No picture.
  3. no pics
  4. No pic...:sad:
  5. im going to have to say louis vuitton. but thats about all i know...(aka no pic)
  6. Let me try again with pic.
    lv bag.jpg
  7. Here you go..

    Leapard Stephen
    0-animal_prints_00o-1.jpg OMG2DF.jpg stephen.jpg
  8. here is the screen shot off Elux
    leap stephen.jpg
  9. Do they come without the leopard? I like the style of the bag without the leopard. Do you know what the style will be called, thanks.
  10. They do come with the vachetta instead of leapord
  11. Without the leopard, the bag is called monogram Stephen. It's a gorgeous bag, too!
  12. What is that style called? any pics? Thanks.
  13. monogram stephen
  14. hope this helps
    stephen Mono.jpg Monogram Embossed Leather Stephen.jpg nickyhiltononaked[1].jpg
  15. bag fetish, you have the funniest photo filenames. :smile: LOL on OMG2DF, haha