Does anyone know what Saffiano leather is exactly?

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  1. I've tried googling it to no avail. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. I have my eye on a very attractive Salvatore Ferragamo blueberry handbag made of Saffiano leather. I know I've seen Prada wallets made of this leather and have checked them out. To me, they feel almost like the coated canvas seen on the LV's.

    This particular bag is made of calfskin leather. I am just wondering what is involved and if the color stays or does it fade or chip? It appears to be very strong and durable but would love your knowlegeable input. TIA!
  2. "Saffiano" leather is textured, almost has like a cross-hatch finish. Popularized by Prada.
  3. ^^^Yes. That's exactly what the leather looks like. How is this process done? To me, the leather appears very strong and indestructable to the elements. Is it? Or does it just appear this way?
  4. It is. I had a saffiano Prada key holder for a while and by the time I got a different car it still looked brand new. And you know what abuse a key holder takes!
  5. ;) Thanks India!
  6. I just got the small TB Robinson today in saffiano leather. The bag looks like it could weather a hurricane - the leather seems indestructible.
  7. I have a Prada Saffiano Lux Tote (BN1786) in black that I bring to work. It has been scraped against table edges, rained on, and generally abused (tossed on the ground). I don't baby the bag and it looks brand new after 3 months use (granted, it's not a long period, but I used it almost every day). The black is still super saturated even though I carry it on bright sunny days as well.

    Obviously super-sharp stuff would scratch it (it's leather, not Kevlar, unfortunately!), but other stuff that would dent/scratch my Celine box bag has not affected the Saffiano leather - like scraping the bag against zipper edges, casually running your nails against the leather, etc.
  8. Bumping this 'cause I might be purchasing a SF bag next week and wanted to hear everyone's experiences or at least knowledge of the process of saffiano leather.
  9. I have a Ferragamo Saffiano wallet and I swear the thing is made of titanium. It's been through heck and back and still looks brand new after over 2 years. I also love the texture.
  10. ^^Just what I needed to hear! Thanks Doreenjoy! I just wish I understood more about the process but I guess it doesn't matter.
  11. I think the leather is pressed/embossed, but there is also some kind of material infused to the leather from what I can see.

    I love the look and it wears well.
  12. I've been wondering this myself. Tory Burch makes some Saffiano wallets and they look pretty indestructible. But I do like my leather to actually feel like leather (sold my LV Epi bag for the same reason), so I've resisted buying one.
  13. My Prada saffiano wallet is more than 5 years old and still look like I just bought it. It is very hardy, the kind of leather I would go for if I want my handbag/ wallet to last for a long, long time.
  14. I just want to bump this because I just got my tory burch robinson wallet in saffiano and wanted to say it feels so light for a leather and judging by the prada and ferragamo commenters, it is pretty indestructible? As I'm a student, i'll be throwing the wallet in my bag with other notebooks (wire rings) and pencil cases (zippers) and wanted to know if I had to be wary of any other things to keep the wallet in good shape :smile: thank you!
  15. ^ Same here..I have a Prada saffiano wallet and the d*mn thing won't die !!! I use it the most out of all my other wallets and it still looks phenomenal..amazing....don't worry about wear and tear on this truly is indestructable!!!!