does anyone know what my style and color is called?

  1. Hello! Got my Balenciaga in NY at Barney's march -05. Does anyone know if the color has a name? And is the bag called motorcycle city ?
    (don't know much about balenciaga as you can understand)
    thaks for you help!

  2. looks like a sky blue city/medium to me!
  3. Isn't it a work? No shoulder strap and the zipper doesn't extend past the ends? It's very pretty - the color variation is lovely!
  4. hm true. what are the dimensions?
  5. looks like a city to me....
  6. looks like sky blue city to me too
  7. maybe the zipper and strap are inside ;) plus no seam like the work has on the front! gorgeous... love love sky blue! great leather on that color!
  8. thank you!!
    yes the zipper and straps and mirror are inside the bag:smile:
    the pics are quite bad, I'll try to get new one's that makes in justice :smile:
    but "sky blue" seems to be the color I guess :smile:
  9. Gorgeous bag!
  10. could it be ice blue?
  11. Definitely sky blue since it was purchased in early '05, ice blue wasn't available in March! It's gorgeous - enjoy it (which I am sure you have been!) :smile:
  12. i hate being wrong! :rant: :rant: :rant:
  13. ^ sorry :lol:. I mean, the fall bags don't come out until late June or July for pre-fall!!!! hehe.
  14. ...but the color does look a lot lighter than the usual sky blue! but it could be the flash? now I'm confused :lol: