Does anyone know what model and year this Tiffany & Co bracelet is produced?

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  1. It has Italy and 925 marked. So I am pretty sure this is authentic. My mother received this years ago and haven't seen this design anymore. We were cleaning our closet and found this randomly. Please let us know this model and also if tiffany and co still sell this.

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  2. 1980s. They did a bunch in that style, including ones with T, very much like the current Tiffany T collection. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468871281.578317.jpg
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  3. Wow, that's a vintage piece. Thank you so much for the reply. What do you call this double strains? Is there a specific name for this design? Also what is the estimate price of this piece?
  4. That I don't know, unfortunately. It's a cute bracelet though.
  5. Definitely see if you can get an email handle of a Tiffany SA for this! Call in to a store, perhaps?