Does anyone know what language this page is in?

  1. I tried to figure it out and Finnish came up as being most likely...
    Anyway, after translating a bit, what they're saying does NOT seem very flattering at all, so I'm going to delete my Flickr account and start a new private one. :tdown:
  2. It's Finnish... I don't understand much though... something about maternal paternal...? Whatever, just make your account private, so only your friends can see your pics.
  3. Yeah I figured, thanks for confirming!
    I read something like "I prefer things with less obvious logos" or something and a lot of stuff along the lines of "there are more important things than bags." I'm just going to start all over, I had the pics public so my slideshow would work (it was where I posted pics of my new purchases to post here) but I'm just going to make a new page.
  4. Yeah, that's finnish although I don't know what it says, but if it's something negative, please don't get offended by it. I meet people like that every day and they are the kind that goes on holiday and buys fakes which they try to pass off for real with a nasty attitude - they are just jealous and would probably aquire a collection like yours in a heartbeat if they had the chance :flowers:
  5. Based on the webaddress ending (fi) more than likely finnish
  6. ^Lol thanks, I should have seen that. :lecture:
    I was so focused on trying to figure out what it was saying that I didn't check that.

    sweetlove- aw thanks. :shame: I just get kind of offended when people use my pics like that and I don't know it. You should have seen the heck I raised when I saw someone using the pic of my Chanel earrings to sell their fake ones on eBay lol. :cursing:
  7. You have every reason to be creeped out by the fact that they used your pics, I'd feel horrible if somebody did that to my pics. It's really sad that actions of some people ruins it for everybody (I was just watching your slideshow a few weeks ago), but it's completely understandable that you don't want it up there any more :yes:
  8. That is creepy, I understand how you feel. I wonder how they found it... It'd be sad if it was a pfer. :s
  9. ^Well, I had my pics private at first, but then my slideshow didn't work since no one could see I made the pics public. Well I guess someone happened upon it or something.
    Which makes me wonder if this couldn't be one of the reasons I've been getting so many hits on my myspace recently (which is now private). :s
  10. Did you have your myspace link in the Flickr?
  11. Nope, but I noticed a lot of people were looking up my username here since I watermarked the pics. If they DID find me here, they more than likely saw my signature with my name in it and went from there. I wouldn't put it past people if they really wanted to find something out.
    And I did have a lot of hits recently from people in Finland (I have an IP tracker on my page).
  12. They shouldn't have criticized you at all. Your life and your fabulous collection is none of their business.

    But if they were going to say something, they should've at least have the common decency to say something to you about it.