Does anyone know what kind of red the red basketweave is going to be?

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  1. This is one of those bags that I am absolutely dying to see. However, the shade of red it is will make or break the bag for me. Is it a bright popsicle red or more of a rich, blood red?

    Also, I know its due to be released at the end of this month - but is there any chance of seeing pics before the release date?
  2. I am not sure but I think it is a rich blue blood red. Red but deep and rich, not as dark as wine but brighter if that makes any sense.
  3. there is a picture at (shop) ;)
  4. thanks suetje, but I still don't see it. I see a red/red patent morning after mini, but not a basketweave.
  5. Thank you desiprinzess! I've seen that pic before, but failed to notice the basketweave. Pretty!
  6. Darn - if you read Rebeccas reply, she mentions it has patent leather. : (
  7. Oh dear, I was looking forward to the red basketweave but I'm not a fan of the leather/patent combi look at all. :sad:
  8. oh no! I'm not a patent fan either :wtf:

    I've been dying for the Red basketweave to pop up, thats why i totally decided not to get the black one. Somebody PLEASE shoot me.
  9. Just wondering, where would the patent be? In the basketweave?
  10. yes. In the pics, it looks like the trim is patent basketweave. Also, Rebecca mentioned mesh nylon, so I think the body of the bag is actually not leather, but some kind of nylon mesh.
  11. I was thinking the same thing after re-reading RM's reply. I'm not sure how into it I am if the nylon mesh is on the exterior of the bag and not just limited to the lining. It's hard to tell from the promo photo, but the body of the bag does look like it has an odd texture. Maybe I'm just imagining it. :s
  12. Cayce - I noticed the odd texture, too! It definitely doesn't look like matte, smooshy leather - its got a covering of some sort.
  13. So it's not just me! I don't know how I feel about the nylon on the exterior. I'm more of a leather girl. Guess I'll have to wait until there are more photos before I decide. :thinking: