Does anyone know what kind of nail polish is Paris Hilton wearing?

  1. anyone know where i could find this color?

  2. OPI had a color like that in their australian collection...and one from before too...I will try to find the name for you!
  3. ah, thank you! i searched the OPI colors and thought about this color. but since they are so different IRL i'm not sure.

  4. AH YES...there is one called CAJUN SHRIMP! That looks very similar to what she has on. Not from the Australian collection, I was thinking of something else. But you should be able to find it!
  5. thanks again! i'm going to seach eBay now since it's not available here. :yes:
  6. don't know what it is but me likey!
  7. that is a really fun color
  8. although i do not like paris, i think the color is so pretty. :smile:
  9. Very nice color, I like it!
  10. Nice shade! Hope you find a similar one. OPI's bound to have one.. they have millions of shades.
  11. thank you! i just orderered the color candace117 mentioned. hope it's similar to PH's shade. :yes:
  12. There's a color called Chick Flick Cherry, that's similar too, so if you can I'd order both and see what one looks best. I hope that Cajun Shrimp works out for you, it can be hard to tell from pictures sometimes how it will turn out on your hands :s
  13. IDK what kind Paris has on, but I have one that looks JUST like it. It's Savina Nail Color in "Coy" from Nordies Rack. I've tried Cajun Shrimp and it's a great color, but a LOT more orangey-red IMO.

    I tried to take a pic for you, but I couldn't get a good one. With the flash it looked too pale pink and without it looked too dark orange. IRL it's a hot pink very similar to Paris' color though.
    nail polish.JPG nail polish2.JPG
  14. If that's Strawberry Daquiri it's REALLY different IRL.
  15. ^ thank you all for your suggestions! i know, the colors are sooo different IRL. since i don't have OPI here, i ordered 4 colors and they were completely different.