Does anyone know what is this?

  1. Hello all.. I'm new here and this is my first post.

    I bought phone strap from LV shop yesterday, there are small pieces of paper attached in the box.
    I’m just wondering what is it for and how to use?
    Thank you for your answer and very nice to meet you :roflmfao:


    -- The strap looks gorgeous.. I'm loving it :yahoo: --

  2. Looks like it's for the wish bracelets...
  3. one more pic... :confused1:

  4. i concur. they look like those pieces of paper you write your wish on for the leather bracelet :yes:
  5. That phone strap looks amazing.. I'd love to have one, but my phone has no strap loop that I can see.. :sad:
  6. I like the phone strap too! I want a ton of accessories right now, but I am trying to be good!