Does anyone know what is the height of CL Yoyo?

  1. Hi, does anyone know what is the height of this pair of Louboutin Yoyo?

  2. The Yoyo pictured in that photo from Saks is the "Yoyo 85" -- so 85mm heel height. It should indicate "Yoyo 85" on the box. "Yoyo" has been made in various heel heights over the there's Yoyo 85, Yoyo 100 (the 4-inch/100mm heel), and I think also lower heights like 70mm as well; for spring/summer '07 there's a newer version of the Yoyo coming out with a 120mm heel -- not in patent but in some interesting materials. Love the Yoyo cut/shape!
  3. Thank you so much for the explanation.:smile: